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Drink soda to produce the greatest burp ever! Be launched into the air and land in the sea of soda. Longer distances are worth more points.

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There is a bit of game breaking bug in which we did not account for the difference in frame rate in our launch code. This means that the faster your computer is (more frames per second) the easier the game is for you. So in that sense I guess we implemented a pay-for-power free to play model. Oops. Funnily enough this manifested itself the whole time we were developing the game, and since I was the programmer with the newest computer, everyone thought that I had somehow mastered the game more than anyone else. Turns out that the slower computers were almost impossible to beat the game on. We realized the bug in the car on the way back home from the jam. I will leave the bug as an example to all that Time.deltatime is your friend. Live and learn!

Install instructions

Download the zip file, the standalone executable is is the release folder. Feel free to look at or use the source in the source folder. Thanks for playing!


burp_away.zip 181 MB

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