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Why the Caged Bird Sings is a game about the life of a simple house pet. This bird spends his days chilling in his totally escape-free cage, playing with his totally sick, super awesome high value toys that the humans gave him for their own twisted amusement. They may amuse the humans,
but bird has had enough. Bird wants something more.

"How would you like to be stuck in a cage all day?" sings the bird.

"AWWWWWH IT's SO CUTE!! EEKKK!!" says the human.

They just don't get it. . . they just don't understand. . . No matter how many pieces of cake, no matter how many high-tech jetpacks or fancy shoulder mounted missile cannons. . . No matter how many deadly spike traps, floating platforms, or iridescent exploding targets. . . It means nothing without FREEDOM. . .

Sing it out bird. Sing your heart out. Teach them what it means to suffer, make them understand through your music. . .

Maybe one day soon you too, will finally be free.

Move with WASD. Use the numbers 1-8 to sing notes. Sing to the humans to get them to get them to give you more toys and let you out of your dingy little bird prison.
You go bird. You're a cool guy; we got your back.


TheCageBirdSings-GOTYE- 15 MB

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